My Autoplay Is best suited for creating autorun menus for any removable media including CD, DVD or a USB drive to execute automatically any time a user inserts that media into the computer. My Autoplay Creator delivers on the promise of rapid application development. It’s perfect for making anything from autoplay CD/DVD/USB menus and utilities without programming experience. you can create any full-functional interactive application in few minutes even if you have literally no programming skills at all.


Best suited

My Autoplay Is best suited for creating autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia applications, software CDs, CD catalogs, CD presentations,CD business cards and promotional CDs.

Easy to Learn

Is very user-friendly and easy to learn less than 10 minutes to understand it. Without programming experience.

Easy Publishing

My Autoplay makes packaging up and distributing your finished project a snap. Whether you’d like to create a single-file executable. You can even choose to publish to CD/DVD or to a USB flash drive.

Professional Templates

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use projects and then modify them to fit your needs. We include examples of software installer menus, electronic business cards, marketing brochures and many others.


Using from a variety built-in actions, your project will be able to open any file with an associated viewer application, Play sound and movie files, Open web URL, Send email and do much, much more.

WYSIWYG Development

Powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer, easy to use without learning, no programming experience is necessary!.

Top-selling Arafasoft® software in 2021.


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